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ISTE 2012 #02 – Creativity

Creativity does not come in Aha moments but is the result of a process involving feedback and modified refined attempt. Conditions that affect creativity :

– Playfulness: be in a happy state of mind

– Time: cannot rush creative thinking, ideas need time to incubate

– Exploration: try things, go for quantity

– Failure: don’t be afraid of it, learn from it, cannot succeed unless you first fail

– Variety: lots and lots of it

– Freedom autonomy choice

– A real challenge

– Think with your hands, move

– Clear understandings of constraints

– Knowledge, skills, mastery, expertise

– Encouragement


Personal passion, discipline and commitment


Explore the web, PLN, Try something new, Divergent thinking and Design tools
Best creative tools for divergent thinking start with a blank page.


Model openness, encourage failure

Open language – could, might, possible

Methods – mashups, tinkering, re-edit, mimic

Experience – lots of different ideas and situations

Assessment – can it be measured

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This is much more useful than the tweet that got me so riled up, riled up enough to write a blog post about it. Thanks for the added information, and the more-nuanced explanation of what was said.

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