Google graphical maths calculator; Open Explorer Builder; Aust. Post Digital Mailbox

Google graphical maths calculator – now in 3D & animated!
In December, Google added maths graphing functionality to its search results (as does WolframAlpha search engine). You type basic and complex math functions into the Google search box and Google creates the graphics – from basic charts to more complex graphs.
Now the graphical calculator is 3D and animated! (30 March). Search for the maths equations & see them animated in 3D. Works with Chrome & Firefox browsers.

Australia Post Digital MailBox
Coming in 2012 – a secure online mailbox that you can access anytime anywhere, on your favourite device. A free personal management app with 3 powerful functions – receive mail, pay bills and secure storage for documents. “Read and print your mail, set reminders, pay bills and store important documents such as tax records, a copy of your passport or anything else you would like to be able to securely access from anywhere”. The storage facility could be useful for teachers & students, especially in schools where Dropbox is not accessible. It also fits well with BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology).

Scootle tool: Open Explorer Builder
Interesting to see the various resources added to Scootle under “Find by Australian curriculum”. In some areas, the Open Explorer Builder tool is highlighted (eg. In Learning Paths – Cell division – Yrs 11 & 12). You can create an interactive multimedia project presentation or unit of work, alone or with others. Start with an image. Then add audio, other images, Flash video, link websites. Add captions or text. Publish your work as an Open Explorer. (Adobe AIR app must be installed first. Then download Open Explorer Builder. Files created are saved to local drives. Published versions can be saved as AIR apps to the desktop or as Flash objects for the web).

Scootle – digital learning resources

Scootle is a resource for teachers to learn, teach and collaborate using digital curriculum resources from The Learning Federation.
You can browse by curriculum areas and year levels.

Who can access Scootle?
Anyone can use Scootle’s search and browse tools. Access to other features of the site is restricted to teachers and students in Australian schools. Login access is provided to teachers through their jurisdictions. For more details and contact information, go to the Accessing Scootle tab on the home page. Teachers in ACT government schools can contact ACT DET Learning Technologies Section.

Australian Curriculum resources
Digital learning resources for the Australian Curriculum will be located in Scootle and can be accessed via the tab on the home page. Currently, these resources are for K to Year 10, but more will be added as the senior years are developed.

Resources for Years 11 & 12
You can choose year levels when searching for resources in subject areas. Science has quite a few resources for college years, English not so many.  Some resources for younger years would be good for SIEC, Connect10 & ESL. All areas will build up over time!

Learning Paths
Once you have your login, you can create Learning Paths and make a list of digital resources for your class to use. You can search other Learning Paths created & shared by other teachers. Students are given PINs to access Learning Paths.

Scootle – great for digital resources!