ebooks at the National Library

Some info about finding ebooks available freely online through the National Library….

The National Library has a wide range of ebooks. For most of these you will need an NLA library card (apply online). A search for ebooks in eResources shows resources such as Ebsco ebooks; OECD iLibrary; Oxford Reference; Early English Books Online and titles in Gale Virtual Reference Library.


Many titles are also accessible in the NLA catalogue.

Ebooks: a guide to finding ebooks at the NLA: http://www.nla.gov.au/research-guides/ebooks

When you do a NLA catalogue search and hit enter, look for the Narrow Search option on the far right of the screen and choose E-resources. Choose All Online to get resources with online links, such as ebooks. Click on a title and login with your NLA library card. You can also find books digitised by the NLA in the catalogue by adding the delimiter “NLA digitised material” to your initial search. The catalogue also has links to titles that can be found in Google Books – what an excellent resource this is for accessing full text chapters of books to read online.


Currently there are 897 non fiction Ebsco ebooks in the NLA catalogue (search for ebscohost to see the complete list). Ebsco ebooks can be downloaded to your device and accessed for 5 days. Only one person at a time can view the Ebsco ebook. http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Search/Home?lookfor=ebscohost&type=all&limit%5b%5d=&submit=Find&filter%5b%5d=format:%22Book%22

Guide to using Ebsco ebooks: http://www.nla.gov.au/research-guides/ebooks/ebsco-ebooks

Good TV programs

Some great TV programs that support many areas of the curriculum….

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special: The day of the Doctor
ABC1 Sunday 24 Nov early in the morning! The ABC will simultaneously broadcast the 75 minute special as it goes live from the UK with a 7.30pm repeat. 87 Australian cinemas will also show it in 3D on the big screen. The special will star Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt, Billie Piper and Jenna Coleman, and reveals the dangerous past of the Doctor. It is the longest running sci-fi TV show in the world and has 80 million viewers.

ABC iView has shown many episodes of recent Dr Who series ahead of the evening broadcast time. In the lead-up to the anniversary episode, iView will show 47 classic episodes featuring every Doctor from the first to the eighth, plus awesome monsters and favourite companions.

ABC2 is also showing specials on Sundays at 7.30pm, starting with Doctor Who explained (20 Oct) – everything you need to know about the Doctor – current, past or future. Other programs include The science of Doctor Who; The timey-wimey of Doctor Who; The women of Doctor Who; The destinations of Doctor Who. And you can watch all episodes from series 1-7 on ABC2 weeknights at 7.30pm. Something for everyone – if only we had more time hehe.
Excellent recent trailer – 5 decades of The Doctor: http://metro.co.uk/2013/10/20/doctor-who-the-50th-celebration-trailer-doesnt-feature-the-day-of-the-doctor-footage-but-it-couldnt-be-any-better-4152398/

Ja’mie: private school girl
ABC1 – starts Wed 23 Oct 9 pm. The new 6 part mockumentary series chronicles the final 3 months of high school for 17 year old private school captain Ja’mie King…..and who hasn’t got a soft spot for rude, self-obsessed Ja’mie? Chris Lilley is a great actor, whether in male or female roles. This series features a sexting scandal, love interests and the possibility of being immortalised in bronze. Ja’mazing!

The art of Australia
ABC1 Tues 22 Oct 8.30pm. Hosted by Edmund Capon, this 3 part series explores how art and artists helped to shape Australia’s national identity, from the colonial period to the present. The series interweaves the story of British, European and indigenous art traditions and includes the works of Lycett, Roberts, Streeton, Nolan, Boyd, Fairweather, Olsen and the Papunya movement.

Autopsy on a dream
ABC1 Sun 20 Oct 9.25pm. The controversial recently found 1968 BBC film that looks at the construction of the Sydney Opera House and the resignation of Jorn Utzon. Updated voice-over by original narrator Bob Ellis. Includes 30 minute prologue The dream of perfection, the story of the film plus interviews.

Redfern now: series 2
ABC1 – starts Thurs 31 Oct 8.30pm – 6 parts. The follow-up to the acclaimed first series written & directed by indigenous Australians, exploring the lives of indigenous families in inner city Redfern, Sydney. Some of the characters return from season 1, including Deborah Mailman, Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell. New additions include Ernie Dingo, Sibylla Budd and Steve Bisley. Directors include Beck Cole, Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell and Rachel Perkins. This series will once again provide powerful and moving stories and is an excellent resource supporting the ACARA Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum Priority.

Coast Australia
History Channel – starts December. Presented by Neil Oliver, with Australian experts – an Australian version of the acclaimed British series. The 8 part series explores stories and facts about our coastal history, people, archaeology, geography and marine life. And if you like Neil Oliver’s TV history series, then you will have a chance to see him in Australia in December with his History in the Making shows, bringing British and Australian history to life.

The fatal shore
Looks like the book by Robert Hughes will finally be filmed. The 6 part dramatised documentary series will be hosted by Neil Oliver, with CGI-created re-enactments of epic events. Due 2014.

Catch-up TV
ABC iView, SBS on Demand, PLUS7, ninemsn Video and now TENplay – these services are great for catching up on missed shows. Although programs cannot be saved and are not online forever, they are very useful for classes to watch – especially in schools that don’t have access to online digital video systems like ClickView.
The new TENPlay service plans to live stream the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and some shows can be accessed on TENPlay before they are broadcast locally. There are also rumours that US streaming giants Hulu and Netflix may launch locally.
Despite these options, Australians are still major TV pirates, leading the way with torrent downloads of the finales of Breaking bad and Game of thrones.